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Title: Pretty Things
Author: ramshacklelove
Characters/pairings: Fang/Vanille
Summary: The future is an ugly place, and Fang wonders if love alone is enough.
Note: This is set after XIII, when they wake up again. Well, assuming they do wake up again. The futuristic city that they're in is sort of inspired by the look of Versus XIII or FFVII's Midgar, so try to keep that in mind. It's sort of a depressing little drabble, please forgive me if it's terrible. ;o; I'm really not used to posting fic, but I utterly love this pairing and thought this turned out decent.

Too much time had passed.

They sat in the dark room, the television’s light playing off their faces and making them look even more weary than they were. They had to change, this time. In this world, clothing was dark and simplistic, and they couldn’t keep with their old getup -- it raised too many questions. They didn’t abandon all of what they had worn for so many years; Fang had her necklace, and Vanille kept her many bracelets.

Vanille was watching cartoons. It wasn’t so much that she was childish as that the bright colors amazed her, and the happy themes and vibrant characters seemed more at home to her than the melancholy of the news or whatever other things passed as entertainment.

Eventually Vanille fell asleep, curling her body against Fang’s and nestling her head against Fang’s neck. As soon as Fang was sure she was asleep she turned on the news. She was trying to figure out what was going on in this time, in this place. It was hard to understand – this modern government was complicated, and Fang worried that they wouldn’t figure out what their focus was. She looked at Vanille sadly and felt her heart ache; she knew this wouldn’t be easy for either of them. Eventually she turned off the television and called it quits for the night, hoping that the next day they would find more answers to their questions.

When she and Vanille woke up the next day they decided to go out into the city and just explore, thinking that it would give them a better idea of the “when” that they’d ended up in. Vanille immediately reached out for Fang’s hand, and as soon as they were out the door she sighed softly.

“What’s wrong?” Fang asked, although deep down she knew the answer.

“I… I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be awake.”

“I know, Vanille. Me neither. Obviously we haven’t awoke in a very pleasant time, but let’s make the best of it, yeah? Once we find our focus we’ll have some direction.”

Vanille nodded. The city they were in was full of skyscrapers, and the sky was nearly always a dark gray. Fang assumed that pollution had done it; the world can only take so much technology before it begins to deteriorate under the oppression of human life. She hadn’t heard even a whisper of L’Cie or even the Fal’Cie, and she and Vanille began to wonder if that was considered mythology or legend in this time. Like their previous awakening, they were somewhere in Cocoon, and a lot of things remained the same – all money was on cards (Fang had one from their previous endeavors, and because it still worked she wondered if they’d been gone for a short while compared to the last time they’d been crystals) and it was still bustling with people.

However, the demeanor of the people had changed. Everyone seemed so sad, too busy and too unhappy to enjoy themselves. Vanille suggested that it was perhaps the dark colors that they dressed in. “If I dressed in black all the time I’d wear that face too!”

It became dark early, and as they were heading back to their hotel Fang caught Vanille deep in thought. She wasn’t sure what to say, so she wrapped her arms around her. Vanille embraced her tightly, and suddenly broke into tears. Fang held her for a few minutes, until she calmed down, then pulled away and took Vanille’s face into her hands before gently touching her nose to Vanille’s. She didn’t want to ask her why she was crying, because she was fairly sure she knew. They were L’Cie, there wasn’t really anything for them to be happy about. They were awake in an unfamiliar world with no friends and no idea where to go, and they had nothing to look forward to but another century of Crystalization as a reward for doing the Fal’Cie’s bidding.

Vanille abruptly interrupted her thoughts and said softly,
“I miss being happy to be alive…”

She broke into tears again, and Fang held her, and as they stood in the dirty city Fang started to cry herself.

I miss you being happy. I love you too much for this.

And when she held Vanille that night, as she was falling asleep, she wondered if love was enough to keep them from falling apart.
Tags: author: ramshacklelove, character: fang, character: vanille, fandom: final fantasy 13
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